New Product: Reflective

This innovative solution visibly
provides greater protection.

WPK Katalog

Further Information

New Product:
Corner and wall protection
with tough stainless steel backing



These warning and protective bumper guards with the distinctive name Knuffi® act as a personal crumple zone for people, machines and fixtures, absorb hard impacts and thus prevent injury or damage.

This can mean that staff absences or downtimes due to repairs are a thing of the past.

The highly effective warning capability of the black and yellow markings highlights sources of danger at edges, gaps and obstacles making them easy to recognise and thus reducing accidents.

Knuffi® resistant to temperatures from -40°C to +100 °C and are also resistant to damp, make them versatile for use both indoors and outdoors, e.g. on transport routes within a company's premises, on machinery, on walls and thoroughfares, shelves, gates and much more.

  • Corner protection type A
  • Corner protection type AA
  • Corner protection type A+
  • Corner protection type E
  • Corner protection type H
  • Corner protection type H+
  • Surface protection type C
  • Surface protection type CC
  • Surface protection type D
  • Surface protection type F
  • Surface protection type S
  • Edge protection type B
  • Edge protection type BB
  • Edge protection type G
  • Corner protection type R30
  • Corner protection type R50