Sinopsis: Technical data

Profile body:
Recyclable polyurethane foam

PU film colored by reverse printing and fixed i place by foaming, so no paint is applied to the outside

All types except B and BB are affixed using light and aging-resistant modified acrylic glue

Adhesive strength:
21 N/25 mm

Temperature resistance:
Between -40 °C and +100 °C

Fire classification:
Compliant with DIN EN 13501-1

Signal yellow and black hatching in accordance with BGV A 8, red and white hatching in accordance with BGV A 8, black, white, daylight fluorescent hatching, long afterglow hatching, bright colors for indoor use only

Standard length:
1 m, 5 m, up to 50 m (in cardboard)

Just glue onto a clean, grease-free surface

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