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Market leader for warning and protective profiles

More than 40 years of experience, premium quality and outstandingly well trained staff – that’s what SHG PUR-Profile GmbH is all about. And our brand product? Knuffi. Our profiles are manufactured to the latest standards in a patented, cutting-edge production process. Tested. And used throughout the world.


Our products are designed to protect humans and machines. We take this responsibility very seriously. That’s not least why our slogan is Infinite Safety. We are the first to identify new market requirements – and we meet them with perfect products.

Keep the customer satisfied – that’s what we aim to do. As an internationally focused company, we can offer many years of wide and varied expertise in the field of warning and protective profiles. You can rely on this know-how.

Our experts would be happy to advise you on how to make your (working) world a good bit safer.

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